Why do we produce in the EU?

For us, Bagaroo is much more than just a brand. We firmly believe in the importance of mobility, freedom of movement and safety in the car . That is why we have made it our business to continuously develop and perfect the Bagaroo Car Seat Bag.

Our high standards apply not only to the bag itself but also for the production conditions. That is why we made the conscious decision to produce the Bagaroo Car Organizer in the EU. In this way we can guarantee you the highest level of safety but also the employees in the manufacturing companies. Last but not least, the environment benefits from the short transport routes and strict production regulations.

Our reasons for the EU-production:

  • sustainability
  • strengthening the EU
  • reliable deliveries
  • sustainable and loving packaging
  • no low wage production
  • fair trade
  • short transport routes
  • quality and safety of the fabrics
  • compliance with european directives

Your Bagaroo Car Organizer from high quality production

With the Bagaroo Car Organizeryou get a high quality product that is manufactured according to the strict guidelines of the European Union. This is also evident in the look and feel of our fabrics. After all we do not want to offer you cheap goods, but a high-quality and durable accessory that will accompany you in the car for many years. A sustainable and lovingly designed packaging gives your car seat bag the perfect frame.

Find your personal Bagaroo Car Organizernow and choose controlled brand quality from the EU. We would be happy to give you more detailed information about the manufacture and the materials used So you can not only travel cleverly in the future, but also know exactly which path your new accessory has taken to you.

You can reach us at any time by phone or e-mail. Or visit us at one of ourevents and trade fair appearances, where we personally present the Bagaroo Car Organizer.