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History Bagaroo - Team

Our responsibility is your security:

We believe that mobility, freedom of movement and safety should be guaranteed on every single trip / car trip.

Handbags that empty themselves upside down in the footwell during the first hard braking – the “8 delicacies“ and the Thai curry which suddenly become one, but unfavorably in the bag. Not to mention the danger that poses such a situation if you reach into the footwell hectically while driving..

Bagaroo is the clever answer to this and endless situations that most drivers know from everyday life. Our innovative and apposite car bag simplifies your everyday live and satisfies through clever design. The bag can be pulled over the passenger seat with a simple grip and is not used from behind like conventional bags, but from the front. This way you can reach all your necessities no matter where your drive takes you and what you need to your side. Laptops, smartphones, the satchel, your briefcase or your dog – just one arm-length away and securely stowed. Farewell dangerous situations or long stopovers!

Our mission is to support active people.

Not only do we smarten up the drive – we are absolutely the best companion as we contribute to a safer environment by reducing avoidable accidents. to a safer environment by reducing avoidable accidents. Additionally our handling fits right in with the current times where everything has to work fast and efficient so the private and professional daily life can go hand in hand. No long procedures, everything secure and accessible at your side – at all times.

The clever and secure way to travel!