Bagaroo set up


Bagaroo – is a never before seen and perfectly fitting car seat bag (car seat organizer) that makes everyday life easier and convinces with its clever design. It fits on every commercial passenger seat and offers the optimal storage space for everything that is essential during a car trip Laptops, smartphones, satchels, briefcases or the dog – just an arm-length away and securely stored.


We create mobility and freedom of movement for every single trip that you do alone or with your dog!

We create safety.


We often only notice what we lack in life in emergency situations. Handbags that empty themselves upside down in the footwell during the first hard break – the 8 delicacies and the Thai curry which suddenly become one, but unfavorably in the bag.

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Did you ever experience the following situation: While driving down the road you hectically grab into the footwell to retrieve whatever has fallen from the passenger seat. Countless times when you have told yourself to get more focussed through traffic and suddenly it still happenened! BAM – a cyclist had rammed into the car. Countless times when you have told yourself to get more focussed through traffic and suddenly it still happenened! BAM – a cyclist had rammed into the car.

Equally this is how the history of Bagaroobegan: with an accident when Heidemarie decided that there needs to be a solution. The solution was a bag for the passenger seat – one where everything can be stowed, that is clerverly designed and that ensures safety while driving. A bag that warrants every person an unconcerned, resonsible and free movement through the world because it is not like usual bags packed to the back but to the front.
So simple and yet completely new.
In this way Bagaroo ensures that you never get into a situation in which you are unwantedly distracted from the traffic.

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Short stopover at an appointment and you need the laptop within reach?

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No more risky situations in which the kid has to get their satchel out of the trunk in busy traffic because they are late again. The dog just does not like sitting in the trunk, but it is too unsafe in the front? Sounds familiar?

Bagaroo is the clever answer to this and endless situations that most drivers know from everyday life. The bag can be pulled over the passenger seat with a simple grip and is not used from behind like conventional bags, but from the front.

This is completely new and differs from usual car bags that have been available in retail so far. This way you can easily reach all important things, no matter where the car takes you and what you need at your side. Farewell dangerous situations or long stopovers!

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Bagaroo - Your Car Seat Organizer

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The Bagaroo as an auto organizer has a highly flexible system It only takes a few simple steps to securely attach the bag to the passenger seat. You remain flexible in every situation – regardless of whether you as a mom carry diapers, a drinking bottle, food and the beloved cuddly toy safely in your bag or take a passenger with you when the bag is not used. Farewell dangerous situations or long stopovers!


The large storage space offers enough space for handbags, shopping bags, laptops and other larger items, while the smaller sewn-on bag offers the perfect space for small things.

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The Bagaroo Car Seat Bag (car seat organizer) can be folded up like a paper bag in seconds with press buttons on the sides, so the front passenger seat can still be used as usual if the bag is not filled.

Thanks to the elastic and soft material the passenger can still sit comfortably in the passenger seat despite the installed car bag.

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We rely on a manufacturer from the automotive industry who, through experience and competence, ensures that Bagaroo scores with design and quality.

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So it will not be a short lived pleasure for dog owners and mothers, which needs to be thrown out after the next mishap – the Bagaroo is washable.

It also complies with all safety regulations including those for covers of every car seat. It is flame retardant, light-fast and hard-wearing – our fabrics do not only look good but are also functional and support our most important mission in the idea of the Bagaroo.

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